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Lift Kits


APE suspension supply and installs lift kits for most 4×4’s. We are able to provide you with a choice from over 20 different brands and likely over 50 combinations of brands customizing your lift to perfection! We get asked every day what is the best for my vehicle? In truth we need to know firstly what you are planning to use your vehicle for then secondly how you are going to use it? How many accessories are fitted to your vehicle? Do you tow with it etc. All this makes a difference and at APE we are qualified to help you choose the best for you vehicle.

How to Choose A Lift Kit

Simple contact APE Suspension!

Seriously, to just go out and buy a lift kit is not as straightforward as you may think?  99% of our clients do not know how to do this and we bet you know someone who maintains that they are an expert?  Don’t do it until you have spoken to us.  We are specialists in this field and advise both the public, the motor trade, mining companies, fleet companies and new vehicle suppliers everyday.  When you call us, or better still, visit our shop we will ask you many questions about your vehicle, how it will be used and much more.  If you ever make an enquiry any where else and these simple questions are not asked of you, then walk away.  Contact us on 08 9302 6648 or better still as we have said, drop in to see us.

Legal Stuff

2″is the legal limit for any lift to include wheel and tyre height in Western Australia. Any vehicle wishing to go higher than this must be swerve tested by a suitably qualified engineer where the vehicle undergoes a ‘swerve test’.  Currently in Western Australia No vehicle may be swerve tested over 3″.

Remember that any vehicle on WA roads modified to be over 2″in height will not have insurance cover unless it is approved or certified.

Lift Kits

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