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Brake Testing

Brake testing is part of our service operation(s) and are able to perform ‘inertia brake testing’.

Our trained technicians test drive your vehicle with mobile brake testing equipment officially calibrated.  We are able to test your vehicle and produce a print out.  Pass or Fail!

Apart from testing while we complete a GVM upgrade, we commonly find that many of our car restoration clients now need this as evidence of compliance and proof of brake effectiveness while dealing with engineers and often is a requirement to pass ‘Pit Inspections’.

Our brake testers evaluate brake performance in a quick reliable manner and prints an accurate test report that complies with Australian and International Standards. An efficient diagnostic and compliance tool, designed to test service and emergency brakes of heavy and slow moving vehicles, on and off-road vehicles and even fork lifts used in the transport and mining industries.  For further information call us or book your appointment.  Tel 08 9302 6648

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