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Toyota 200 Series GVM Uprade

Toyota 200 Series GVM Uprade

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APE OFFERS 3 GVM UPGRADES for Toyota 200 series

GVM increase from:

3350 kgs to 3,800 kgs (most popular upgrade)

3350 kgs to 4,000 kgs

3350 kgs to 4,200 kgs (latest available orders taken NOW available for fitment March 2021)

GCM may be increased by a Lovells upgrade ONLY if the vehicle is not yet registered.  Talk to us first before you register your new vehicle!


  • Need to protect Business, Managers from claims for breaches of
    OH&S rules and employee negligence.
  • Be legal on Australian Roads.
  • Possibility of litigation under common law if is vehicle operated
    beyond its legal Load Limits.
  • Possibility of Insurance companies to void payout if the vehicle is
    loaded beyond approved GVM.
  • Requirements to load vehicle and operate safely with weight
    beyond current Original Equipment limits for heavy and/or remote


Recent assessment has shown that a fully rigged 200 Series with bull bar, winch, extra fuel tank, roll out drawers and a rear bar with spare wheel carrier can be close to or over the manufacturers Original Equipment GVM of 3300kg and that that’s without anyone in the vehicle!  Also worthy of note is that MAIN ROADS and Police use the equation of adding an extra 68kg’s of load per empty seat to the overall weight of the resulted weighed vehicle, plus an additional 13kg’s luggage per person for each unoccupied seat in your car!  A 7 seater for example with a driver and 1 passenger may be weighed.  Therefore the 5 empty seats are x 68kg’s + 13kg’s = 405kg’s.  This figure will be added to the weighed vehicle.  Most 200 series Landcruisers from empty have approx a 600kg payload as standard!  Add driver, 1 x passenger, fuel any or all accessories then add to that your trailer or caravans tow ball weight and you will soon find that you are over weight.  A GVM upgrade will help you with this.  If you are looking to upgrade from 3,300 kg’s to 3800kgs (4,000 kgs or even 4,200 kgs) and also at extra cost looking for a possible towing upgrade contact us at APE Suspension 08 9302 6648.

GVM Upgrades may currently be applied to a Pre-owned or Unregistered new vehicle.  A BTC or braked Towing Capacity Upgrade may currently be applied to an Unregistered Vehicle ONLY.

An APE GVM Upgrade for a 200 series Landcruiser provides the following:

GVM Increase from 3,300 to 3,800kg’s (popular) 4,000 kgs or even 4,200 kgs. P.O.A.

Shocks and coils that are the best in the market today.  They offer the best ride and stability with the best comfort. Warranted for 5 years on springs and 3 years for shocks.

Our pricing for GVM includes, Modification permit(s), Pit Inspection, Installation, Wheel alignment.  All you need provide is your vehicle (and payment) we do the rest!  Sit back relax and enjoy your next camping trip with an APE GVM Upgrade.

Talk to us before you decide to purchase any other GVM Upgrade.

If you are purchasing a Brand New Toyota 200 Series DO NOT HAVE IT REGISTERED until you have spoken to us?  

A Braked towing upgrade at extra cost may be applied to an NEW Unregistered 200 series where on top of your GVM increase the towing capability will be increased from 3,500 kg’s to 4,000 kg’s.

The tow ball weight increased from 350 kg’s to 400 kg’s.

GVM and GCM can be increased if you are purchasing a brand new vehicle only using the Lovells GVM upgrade. 

GCM cannot be increased if your vehicle is already registered.

Thank you.


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