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Toyota 200 BTC Towing Upgrade

Toyota 200 BTC Towing Upgrade

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Toyota 200 Series Towing Upgrade with APE Suspension offers a towing upgrade for Lovell GVM upgraded Toyota 200 series.

THIS NOW APPLIES TO PRE REGISTERED VEHICLES ONLY!  Do not allow your dealer to register your new vehicle if you are requiring a Towing Upgrade.  This must be installed BEFORE REGISTRATION

PLEASE NOTE*  The DOT in WA will no longer process a used or already registered Toyota Landcruiser for a BTC towing upgrade!  On Pre-registered.  The DOT Licencing branch can explain why?  (if you can find out why not then please let us know?)

Prado 150 Models are no longer signed off by THE DEPT of TRANSPORT W.A. Please refer any enquiries to The DOT WA Licencing Branch!  They can fully explain why?


Lovells are pleased to announce that we have been granted Federal Compliance Plate Approval as a Second Stage Manufacturer for the BTC (Braked Towing Capacity) Upgrade of the TOYOTA LANDCRUISER LC200 WAGON. (Build date 11/07 to current).

APE Suspension have been granted authority by Department of transport WA to install these upgrades


200 Series

The solution for owners/managers of Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Wagon vehicles who have a need to tow to 4000kg (up from 3500kg standard Braked Towing Capacity), while at the same time meeting the practical and documentary compliance requirements of Work Safety, Police Licensing, Insurance, Lessors and Fleet Managers. This kit is compliant by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government and Federal Compliance kits come complete with a Second Stage Manufacturers compliance plate.

Federal Compliance (pre-registration) BTC Upgrades can only be fitted to vehicles fitted with a Lovells 3800kg GVM Upgrade. Agter registration then a BTC cannot be installed.

Lovells Toyota Landcruiser LC200 GVM Upgrade kits have been tested and approved for Full Volume Second Stage Manufacture to comply with ADR35/05 ESC (Electronic Stability Control) Sine with Dwell verification and are suitable for KDSS and non-KDSS variants.

Please call us at APE Suspension for more details.



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