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Prado 150 GVM & Towing Upgrade

Prado 150 GVM & Towing Upgrade

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Prado 150 GVM & Towing Upgrade for 150 Series Wagon- GVM UPGRADE 3500kg- STATE COMPLIANCE (Post registration) or FEDERAL Upgrades (Pre-Registration)

APE and Lovells are sorry to have to announce that the DOT WA Licencing branch will no longer accept a BTC or towing upgrade for the Prado 150 models with a 2,500 kg towing capacity.  Recently the DOT refused to sign the paperwork on these earlier vehicles.  The New Toyota Prado 150 has a towing capacity of 3,000 kgs.

ALL Prado 150 models may however have a GVM increase from 2,950kg to 3,500kgs.

We use Lovells for this upgrade and the ride is first class backed by an Australian Company with Aussie made springs and shocks.  Lovells offer a 5 year warranty on their springs 3 year 70,000 kms on shock absorbers.  Lovells GVM upgrades will raise the height of your Prado approximately 50mm which allows for more wheel travel and flex while carrying heavier loads.

The process for a GVM Upgrade starts at APE Suspension where we order supply 4 new shocks, 4 new coil springs, installation and we supply a new compliance plate and tyre placards.  We pay and organise through the DOT a modification permit and we present the vehicle to the PITS for a full inspection.  Wheel aligned at our premises of course.


We offer a fully drive in drive out service and take the headache of all this way from you.

Please call us for pricing and any other queries you may have regarding a GVM


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