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Prado 150 GVM & Towing Upgrade

Prado 150 GVM & Towing Upgrade

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Prado 150 GVM & Towing Upgrade for 150 Series Wagon- GVM UPGRADE 3500kg- STATE COMPLIANCE (Post registration) or FEDERAL Upgrades (Pre-Registration)

Below is our Overview for the Prado GVM Upgrade and our uprated axle loading capacities.

Note that The GCM (Gross Combined Mass) doesn’t form part of a Lovells GVM Upgrade or noted in our DIT Approval for Second Stage of Manufacture. It is basically governed by the new GVM of the vehicle and the maximum braked towing capacity.

The Original Equipment maximum braked towing capacity for example on the Prado is 2500kg. This doesn’t increase nor decrease when our GVM Upgrade is fitted, it remains at 2500kg. When installed with a GVM the new vehicle’s GVM becomes 3500kg (Prado) as noted in Lovells SSM (Second Stage of Manufacture for GVM Upgrade).

The factor that comes into play is the ball weight of the towed apparatus. Whatever the ball weight is, must be subtracted from the vehicles GVM.

Therefore, the vehicle can still tow up to OE 2500kg. If the ball weight is 200kg, the vehicle’s maximum GVM (with a Lovells GVM Upgrade kit fitted) will now be 2300kg for the Prado.

A revised GCM of 6000kg will be noted on compliance plate/engineers report by the certifying engineer.

Expect approx. 30mm-50mm lift over OE, dependant on weight and location of accessories fitted.

Now available is our Prado 3100kg BTC Upgrade and envisage installing our first models October 2017. (Note that the BTC Upgrade kit will only fit the Altitude if the spare wheel is moved from underbody).

Toyota Prado 150 Series Wagon- BTC UPGRADE 3100kg- FEDERAL COMPLIANCE (Pre-Registration)

Stage 1 Kit- Recommended for towing 2500kg-2700kg Apparatus.

Kit includes a non-height adjustable fabricated tongue, tow bar assembly and Lovells Haul Ace All Terrain Hitch. This kit is however still rated at 3100kg braked towing capacity.

(Ball weight must not exceed 250kg)

Not compatible with most weight distribution systems.

Stage 2 Kit- Recommended for towing 2700kg-3100kg Apparatus.

Kit includes a 600lb Weight Distribution Hitch system (WDH), a 95mm height adjustment drop shank, a head assembly, tow bar assembly and Lovells Haul Ace All Terrain Hitch.

(Ball weight must not exceed 270kg)

Please note that the Lovells BTC Upgrade can only be complied if a Lovells GVM Upgrade is fitted to the vehicle.

Lovells BTC Upgrade tongue/hitch receiver/drop shank can only be attached to the specified Lovells Tow Bar and is not compliant for aftermarket tow bars.

Please contact APE Suspension for further information and pricing.


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