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Extended Shackles Kit Toyota Landcruiser (4 shackles)


Extended Shackles Kit Toyota Landcruiser (4 shackles)


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This shackle kit has 4 shackles in it.  This is what you need to raise the front and rear of your 4×4.  These shackles may provide up to approx 40 to 50mm lift to the front and rear of your 4×4’s vehicles leaf springs.

They and are fitted with an anti leaf inversion pin to stop your leaves from flicking under.  They are also fitted with grease nipples allowing you to re-grease your spring bushes when required.  In this kit there are 4 shackles, you will use 2 of the shackles for the rear and 2 of the shackles for the front.

They will fit all 60 series and 75 series traybacks or Troopy’s.  They will also fit later 40, 45 and 47 model cruisers however send us an email if you need to double check your requirements with us first please.

These shackles will also fit FJ & BJ 40 Series 1969-1980, however you will need to purchase a set of specially built leaf bushes for the shackle and leaf spring end. This kit is available from APE and comprises of 8 Bushes for either front or rear. Please order one bush kit for your small-eyed FJ or BJ 40 at a cost of $24 per kit. [Small Eye Special Bush Part Number: APE4113]

If fitting these shackles to a post-1980 FJ40/BJ40 then the above bush kits will not be required.

We can sell them as a single unit i.e. one shackle if required.  Call us if this is what you need! 08 9302 6648

To re-cap, you have 4 leaf springs in a vehicle.  You will need 4 shackles.  This kit contains 4 shackles, one for each leaf spring  and costs $195.00 inc GST.


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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 33 × 21 × 20 cm


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