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We sell approximately 9 different brands of aftermarket leaf springs. 

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All aftermarket leaf springs are stronger and are cambered higher (taller) than standard leaf springs installed from new by their respective vehicle manufacturers. Why is this?  Standard factory fitted suspension is mostly soft and spongey. This is because vehicle manufacturers require their vehicles to drive as softly and as smoothly as possible, this makes their vehicles easier to be sold from the showroom.  Often the only problem with this is that after we get our new vehicle home we put them to work carrying constant often heavy loads and by fitting accessories such as bull bars, dual batteries, drawers in the rear, double wheel carriers, long range fuel tanks and we even abuse these vehicles by pulling sometimes over weight caravans boats and trailers!  You will hear us refer to these items as permanent or constant loads, or variable loads. An example of a constant load could be as follows:

Standard dual cab with a well body.

Add 1 x canopy = 100 kilos.  1 drawer system = 50 kilos.  Recovery tools = 30 kilos. Tow bar = 30 kilos. Portable Refrigerator = 30 kilos. Spare battery = 22 kilos.  Total Constant load = 262kilos.

We therefore would require to install at least 300 kilo constant load replacement leaf springs. “But my vehicle is rated for carrying a ton?” yes it is from place ‘A’ to drop off at place ‘B’ but not the load plus your CONSTANT LOAD as well!

Please realise that any extras fitted to your vehicle over STANDARD are heavier and are now being carried 24 hours a day 365 days a year by your vehicle, ouch!  Little wonder your vehicle may be suffering?

Types of spring leaves available


Multileaf leaf springs consist of many pieces of spring steel supporting the main leaf.  These are the most common and frankly do the job extremely well. They are easier to source and to repair. We sell approximately 6 different brands.


What is a Parabolic Spring?
Parabolic springs have leaves that are tapered.

Parabolic leaves have the same shape & function of a complete multi-leaf spring assembly (The leaves  of a parabolic spring are thicker in centre & thinner at outer ends). A single parabolic leaf is able to cope with the same forces inside the leaf as would a complete conventional 8 multi-leaf or more spring.

The ideal parabolic spring requires only one leaf but with safety in mind parabolic springs have a minimum of two leaves. The 2nd leaf is a wrap style leaf to act as a safeguard in the event of a breakage.

Uses the standard fittings but recommend upgrade shock absorbers to heavy duty for maximum performance.

Designed to fit as 100% replacement for conventional springs

Benefits of parabolics

  • Two Stage style spring(rear) that can carry load without compromising comfort.
  • Unladen ride and handling maintained.
  • Less inter-leaf friction as leaves are separated by inter-leaf blocs thus reduces rusting & ‘binding’ .
  • Design is lighter and more able to flex than conventional multi-leaf thus better traction & axle articulation in bumpy conditions.
  • Less prone to sagging and loss of camber.