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We provide a leaf spring resetting service performed on site, within our workshop. Resetting is an ideal fix provided your leaf springs are not too old.  Can be ideal for newer vehicles fitted with spring leaves.  A few more additional spring leaves may be added to assist with heavier or constant load carrying.  Please note that simply to insert a new blade into a leaf pack simply is not good enough.  Each leaf pack must be completely disassembled and rebuilt, cambering each individual leaf in such a way that the leaves when compressed work together.  If they do not they will not work effectively and may damage the original leaves beyond repair.

We have been setting leaves for many years and this is often a cost effective way of strengthening packs and at the same time increase the height of your vehicle and provide a good ride with springs that actually work.  Ideal for newer vehicles with relatively new packs.  Can also be beneficial where classic car replacement leaves can no longer be sourced.  Generally leaf springs for light vehicles, majority of 4×4’s etc are set by means of a 100 ton hydraulic press.  In store.

If required we can also lower vehicles i.e. ute’s and pickups etc.

If you think this may solve your problem then it would be ideal to call by our workshop for a more qualified estimate where we will advise you on the suitability of resetting.

We are licensed suspension technicians.

  • Vehicle height or raising through resetting.
  • Vehicle lowering through resetting.
  • Cars, Utes, 4WD’s Caravan Springs, Trailer Springs, Light Truck Springs.
  • Multileaf, Parabolic


Above is a transverse leaf assembly as fitted by the Ford Motor Company to Model T Fords.  We don’t see too many these days but we have reset and rebuild this type of leaf pack previously!

Please contact us for further details.

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