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Through our vast experience of installing air bags to customers vehicles over many years, we sell 3 different brands of airbags can install and confidently approve with warranty!

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PolyAir Spring

Airbags are a fantastic invention.  Airbags are designed to ASSIST with LOAD and contrary to some advice are NOT intended to replace the work of your coil spring or leaf springs!

Airbags will not damage your vehicle! We often hear this old wives tale.  It is possible to bend any chassis if you overload it so it is important for you to have a clear understanding as to your payload and vehicles capabilities to avoid this from ever happening, airbags fitted or not! We have years of experience and we are here to assist and guide you with any of your loading inquiries.

If your are finding that your vehicle is sagging then it will be from load or constant loading?  This is what makes your vehicles leaves or coils are sag, they are likely not strong enough?  Air bags may be fitted however you MAY also require to strengthen your leaves or replace coil springs which we are well versed to advise you about.

APE have been fitting air bags for many years, we have the experience to provide you with correct advice and information. Always consult us before considering to purchase your airbags.  We sell airbags online where it may be possible to install them yourself or we can supply and install them for you.  Best to call us on 08 9302 6648 for further one to one advice.

Coils springs use a lighter type of airbag which is inserted inside the coils spring usually providing up to 350 kilos of additional support.

Leaf springs use much heavier airbags which may give up to as much as 2,000 kilos of additional support.


leaf sping

You are advised to contact us for a further explanation to ensure your airbags are suited to the appropriate coils/leaf springs.

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Currently in Western Australia if a vehicles suspension i.e coils, leaf springs and or struts are modified and replaced with airbags and a switch fitted within reach of a driver then this will be deemed illegal!  The vehicle would have to undergo ENGINEERING APPROVAL at huge cost before it may be presented to Highways for authority for it to be allowed on the road. There is no guarantee that Highways or even the Police authority will give their approval.

We professionally install airbags for a small fee. For more details, please contact us.

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